Lamborghini Dallas Award

Lamborghini Dealer in Richardson, TX

As architect of the largest dealership of its kind in the United States, Lamborghini Dallas is bullish on Lamborghini and its storied pedigree. This high- performance dealership was the first for Lamborghini in Texas when it was established in 2003, and only the second Lamborghini-only dealership in the U.S. after Beverly Hills.

Founded by tractor manufacturing magnate Ferruccio Lamborghini in 1963, Lamborghini embodies the virility of unbridled performance tempered by refined artistry. Lamborghini took inspiration from the creations of Enzo Ferrari, and was obsessed with crafting the perfect grand touring car, one that tempered Ferrari’s racing-inspired road manners. In 1966 Lamborghini introduced the legendary Miura sports coupe, a car that established mid-engine design as the standard for high-performance sports cars.

Over the ensuing decades, Lamborghini pioneered rakish, wedge-shaped sports car designs typified by the Countach (1974-1990) and the Diablo, the flagship Lamborghini through the 1990s. And such beauty wasn’t only skin-deep. The Diablo was the world’s fastest production car when it was introduced in 1990.

Smitten by the power and majesty of fighting bulls, Ferruccio Lamborghini adopted a raging bull as the emblem for his automobiles. The Miura sports coupe was named for Don Eduardo Miura, a famed breeder of Spanish fighting bulls. The Diablo and the Murcielago were named for legendary bulls while the Gallardo, Spanish for “gallant,” took its name from a celebrated breed of fighting bull.

Boardwalk added Lamborghini Dallas to its auto group portfolio in 2006, relocating the dealership to its spacious Richardson facility in 2010. With a state-of-the-art Lamborghini showroomfactory-certified service facility and parts depot, and Lamborghini accessories boutique, Lamborghini Dallas is dedicated to the performance legacy of the famed raging bull.